The Accademia Gallery Florence Tour

  • Museo dell'Accademia
  • San Marco Museum
  • San Marco Church
  • Chiosto dello Scalzo

You can't leave Florence without a tour in Accademia Museum. The fascination of Michelangiolo's David and prisoners will remain in your minds and in your hearts for ever. In this museum there is also a gipsoteca and a museum of musical instruments of the nearby famous musical conservatory.

Close to Accademia is an interesting Museum: San Marco Museum, a quiet museum full of paintings by Beato Angelico (1395 - 1455): you'll be amazed!

San Marco Church is part of the unit of San Marco Monastery where lived and worked the most important personalities of the Florentine Renaissance.

A side of San Marco Church you can visit a jewel of the hidden Florence: “The Cloister of the Scalzo” built by Giuliano da Sangallo and frescoed in an elegant monochrome style.

all included !