The Duomo Square Tour

  • Duomo Square
  • Brunelleschi's Dome
  • Battistero
  • OPA (Opera del Duomo Museum)
  • Misericordia
  • Museo OPA
  • Loggia del Bigallo
  • Colonna di San Zanobi

Usually a tour in this part of the town is made only in the Cathedral (Duomo), but this important building is strictly connected with the Baptistery and with the Opera del Duomo Museum and Foundation, and only with a visit in all the square you can understand the meaning of this Religious center of the town.
You will start from the Duomo, visiting the outside and the inside, admiring the frescoes of the dome, than you'll visit the Baptistery, which is just in front of the Duomo, and will admire the wonderful Paradise Gate by Ghiberti.
Between the two buildings you can see the San Zanobi column, your guide will tell you a short story about it.
Aside you'll see the OPA Museum (Museo dell'Opera del Duomo). Everywhere inside the Duomo and also outside you'll see this acronym OPA which is for Opera del Duomo the institution which took care of all what concerns the Cathedral (building, repairing, restoring) since 1296 until today.  The head office of the OPA is in a little street aside the Duomo, just near the head office of the “Misericordia”  which is the most ancient mutual aid society in the world dating back to 1244.
You'll see the Loggia del Bigallo  1352/58 where lost or abandoned children were presented to be identified or adopted.

all included !