The Old Bridge and Oltrarno Florence Tour

  • Ponte vecchio (The Old Bridge)
  • Museo Bardini
  • Palazzo Pitti
  • Boboli Garden
  • Santo Spirito
  • Chiesa del Carmine
  • Cappella Brancacci
  • Ponte  alle Grazie

This tour allows you to visit the most important things in the city center of Florence and to have a good idea of the town.
If you have already visited the Duomo and Signoria Square, you can also ask for this tour to know also the part on the other side of the river (Oltrarno). 
From Piazza della Signoria  you'll cross the Arno by Ponte Vecchio, this is the oldest bridge in Florence, famous both for the Vasari Corridor which runs over the river and for the jewelries facing the bridge.  Once crossed the river you can admire Bardini Museum one of the “minor” museums of Florence,  “minor”  regarding the size, but not the contents (Tino da Camaino, Tintoretto, Giambologna etc.)
Pitti Palace and Boboli Garden, the royal palace where the most important families of Florence lived: the Medici, the Lorena, the Savoia.
Inside the palace there are several museums and exhibitions. Now you visit the church of Santo Spirito on more masterpiece by Brunelleschi,  and after it the Carmine church, a Baroque church with the beautiful frescoes by Masaccio and Masolino in Brancacci Chapel with the “expulsion from the Garden of Eden”. 
It is time to cross again the river, this time by Ponte alle Grazie, this bridge named Rubaconte built in 1227, was destroyed during the second world war and rebuilt in 1957.

all included !